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North American Power Supply Cords

North American Power Cords are keyed by the National Electric Manufacturers Association (NEMA) Configurations in relation to both current and voltage.  All North American Power Cords are UL and CSA approved.  The outside of factory sealed boxes are marked with the CSA logo and Hologram UL label.  On each Power Cord there will be a UL file number, and a CSA logo on the plug.



International Power Supply Cords

There are several different International Power Cord configurations which cover the majority of all non-North American applications.  Each different Power Cord carries it's own safety agency approvals.  Just as UL and CSA apply to the standard North American Power Cord, there are many international approvals which apply.



High Voltage Power Supply Cords

As the power consumption increases over 125 volts and/or 10 amps, the plug configuration can change.  The different High Voltage NEMA configurations and IEC configurations provide a safety feature which keys power outlets so that a Power Cord will not be plugged into the wrong outlet.



Hospital Grade Power Supply Cords

Power Cords going into a hospital application are subject to special requirements by Underwriters Laboratories.  UL 544 is a symbol approval which, among other things specifies a specific type of Power Cord.  The "Green Dot" Hospital Grade Power Cord has a larger, more durable plug.  The entire Power Cord is tested by a method which destroys the cord if it fails any portion of the test.  If the Power Cord passes all of the tests, then the equipment stamps a Green Dot on the plug.



Specialty Power Supply Cords

A few of the more popular Specialty Power Cords are splits and multi-leg Power Cords.  If your requirements extend beyond the normal, then Specialty Power Cords is the way to go.  Power any number of components while drawing power from only one source.  This is just a preview of the things you can get into.



Plugs & Adapters

We offer a wide array of Global Connection Applications for computers and small appliances.  The complete set of six splitters/adapters will convert a standard NEMA 5-15R North American outlet or IEC-60320-C13 outlet to any combination of IEC-60320-C13 (computer type power outlet) and NEMA 5-15R outlets.  The adapters/splitters are designed to not interfere/block adjacent outlets.  The Adapters have a rating of 10A/125V and will solve the problem of having the wrong plug on equipment as may occur on meeting the diverse requirements of International Commerce and travel.



Power Strips

We offer an extensive supply of International, Domestic, and Hospital Grade Power Strips.  We list the most common varieties, but carry all kinds.  There are still more options depending on the level of surge protection needed. 


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